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Healing Myself From Me

June 23, 2021


Good bright morning, y'all.

Last night I was finally able to mow my grass. The recent heavy rain has turned the Scott yard into a wildly growing Chia Pet (remember those)? Finally, the downpours subsided, so I ventured outside to see if I could get my jungle a bit under control.

I mowed barefooted. The ground was squishy and cool, and the sensation made mowing a weird pleasure! But, of course, I had neighbors drive by slightly slower than usual as they pondered this peculiar sight.

Why mow barefooted? Did you know the earth has a negative charge? Plumbers and electricians know this. But, did you know our bodies can collect an overt positive charge through cell phones, microwave ovens, 5G, and other EMF hazards?

Grounding, or putting your bare feet directly on the earth, tends to discharge or neutralize currents that keep your body buzzing and unable to fully rest. It's amazingly healing. Weird, huh? I dare you to try it!

Sometimes and many times, I get full of myself. I get all charged up with what I do, accomplish, and achieve so that I'm amped up with a jacked-up approval and acceptance from others, and perhaps, even God. It's a trap that can lead to exhaustion and depression because it's mainly predicated on performing and pretending—neither of which impress God.

What's the antidote? How do I heal myself from me? First, I place my feet squarely on the Gospel. The good news of Jesus is that He did the heavy lifting so that I don't have to. His love fuels mine. His mercy feeds mine. His grace and movements and work neutralize my pretending and performing and brings amazing healing.

As one writer suggests, we should get alone not to be away from people but to fully present (and honest) with ourselves – so that our focus shifts from ourselves to our Maker. Gospel grounding discharges my ego. My identity is more in His efforts than mine. The good news of Jesus' work goes before and helps clarify mine.

In fact, in the New Testament, the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)—which are all about Jesus, are followed by a book called Acts (the actions of Jesus' disciples). This sequence signals that the work of Jesus must come before and inform our efforts. So when I get this life formula reversed, I get all charged up with me, and I find it extremely difficult to rest.

May this be a grounding Wednesday for you, my friend.



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